Will the City Gate construction have any positive impacts in Beach road?

Posted by Talk Admin on April 27, 2015

In the past few years, there has been actually been less number of new residential launches. The Singapore government intends to instill more beauty and vibrancy in the area which is adjacent to the beach. Owing to this kind of initiative being taken by the government, the attention of investors in City Gate Singapore has also increased. The potential that the area has is slowly but surely being noticed by the different real estate agents.

will the city gate construction have any positive impacts in beach road


The entire complex of City Gate Singapore is located very close to different public transports. It lies in close proximity to three different MRT stations.
After the completion of the huge complex, the entire Beach Road area will be transformed into a district having a brand new look.
An entirely new layout is supposed to be brought out by the engineers working in this project. The new layout will have offices, many residential complexes as well as a convention hub. The entire Marina area will be designed anew.


The stretch surrounding the Beach Road will be made into a conservation zone. The Beach road area will be redesigned entirely besides the Kampong Glam. The commercial hub which will be an important part of this area, is going to give lots of employment opportunities to the residents of the Beach Road as well as surrounding areas. The Central Business district, one of the most important part of Singapore’s commercial scene will lie very close to the complex which would further bolster the cause of the complex.


The vast stretches of greenery that will surround City Gate, will find its place right from the bottom to the rooftops of the different skyscrapers. Those buildings which will be a part of the complex will have hanging balconies as well as transparent roof tops made of glass. The greenery will be a welcome change for the residents.

Increased accessibility of Dragon Bane

Posted by Talk Admin on April 25, 2015

MMORPGs are perhaps the most popular games developed by Digital Sky that are in the market these days. Of these games some like Dragon Bane have managed to make s position of their own because of certain advantages that they offer. The journey of Dragon Bane was a long one. It was not a major hit the moment from which it was launched. It adapted to the ways of the market and gradually with time shot up to success. There is a crucial factor that one needs to keep in mind while catering to the needs of the market.

increased accessibility of dragon bane

In order to increase as well as cater to demand one needs to focus on accessibility. Dragon Bane Android ventured on this path of making the game accessible in a slow and steady manner. Launched primarily in order to be compatible in the Android operating system, it checked the initial response and how the game was received. After studying the demands of the market and growth prospects it slowly ventured into the field of another operating system- IOS which is only used in iPhones. This is thus a more specialized and exclusive operating system. So, here the demand will either be high or low, it cannot be moderate. It was a risk that the makers of Dragon Bane took and it paid out well.

Dragon Bane was not available for all and sundry across the world. Almost a month after it was initially launched, its developers- Digital Sky announced in the month of June 2011 that it would be available worldwide and to every user who wishes to download it. This helped in increasing the accessibility of the game which in turn resulted in the immense growth in popularity of Dragon Bane. They stuck to the keyword of accessibility which has proved to be advantageous for both the makers and the enthusiasts.

Players from all over the world had participated in this game, and Dragon Bane is proved to be highly competitive. If you want an edge over your competitor, rather than buying in-app purchases to build your account from scratch, you can consider to purchase a high VIP Dragon Bane account with powerful comps. This way, you can save up to 90% of the cost and gain a huge competitive edge over other players.